damos_princess (damos_princess) wrote in dside_united,

6 days to go!!!

Come on now guys we haven't had enough posts on here so it would be great if we could get nw members coming in coz I feel like I chat to myself far too much!

PUSHIN ME OUT released MAY 31ST there is so much promo going on for it at the moment but there is always room for more. so please tell anyone you know who likes dside to go out and buy the single lets make it number 1!!
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I just joined Live Journal and found this community. I have been a HUGE D-Side fan since last year and am glad I found at least one other person who is too. I'm from Canada and don't get enough of the boyz here!
Hiya aww wow Im so pleased to find someone else who loves the boys. ive known them now for over a year and have been very lucky in the amount of time I have been able to spend with them. They are all great guys for sure. Who is your favourite? Have you guys managed to get the album over there yet?

Its really great to hear from you. if you have msn add me
Sadly we haven't managed to get the album over here. Canada and the States are really behind on getting the good albums in stores. But I still got my copy, thank you amazon.co.uk! I think it's a real shame that Clay Aiken sang Invisible before anybody here had the chance to hear the original. Everytime my friends played Clay's version, I would say that it was actually a cover version and made them listen to the original. I did the same thing with Ruben's (the actual winner) version of Westlife's Flying Without Wings. You are SO lucky to have actually met the boys, and even better more than once. I am so jealous!!! I'm also glad to hear that they are great guys and actually spend time with fans. When I was in England last summer, I didn't have such a good experience with a member of a former Irish boy-band.

I do have MSN if you want to add me it's just my LJ user name @hotmail.com. I wasn't sure if your email was the same as your user name so I thought I would give you mine just in case it wasn't. I look forward to hearing from you.